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About Us

Handi-Shims are a new, best-in-class, precise, and revolutionary way of shimming, spacing, plumbing, and leveling. Handi-shims were invented and patented by an innovative team of professional contractors whose company motto is “Products that make jobs less work”. Handi-shims will surely do that – as well as improve productivity, enhance product quality, and reduce costs and waste.


Handi-Shims have been tested by plumbers, electricians, masons, carpenters, cabinet makers, roofers, tilers, drywall hangers, HVAC contractors, steel fabricators, landscapers, and do-it-your-selfers. The success of their many applications has given the founders the confidence to call Handi-Shims simply “The World’s Best Shim”.

Just a few of the countless uses for Handi-Shims are:

  1. Installing windows and doors
  2. Shimming hinges and toilets
  3. Leveling and spacing of countertops
  4. Cabinet making
  5. Spacing tiles, bricks, and pavers
  6. Correcting lippage
  7. Spacing stone walls
  8. Scribing
  9. Keeping sheetrock/plywood off damp floors
  10. Spacing for plywood sheathing movement
  11. Spacing pipes from joists
  12. Chair and table leveling


Traditional wood shims have real limitations as they:
  • Compress under pressure
  • Fail anti-flammability construction codes
  • Can rot over time
  • Splinter when nailed to frames
And wedge-shaped shims:
  • Do not provide a flat base for dependable support
  • Need two to form a flat base
  • Cannot be used as spacers or scribes
  • Are not cost effective
Handi-Shims solve all these problems with:
  • A flat surface for solid support using only one shim
  • Compression resistance
  • Four thicknesses made to exacting tolerances
  • Color-coding for easy size identification
  • Rot resistance
  • Screw holes to prevent splintering
  • Inflammability
  • Production as attached pairs for deep applications
  • Scoring for easy splitting into smaller shims
  • Utility as spacers and scribes
  • Reusability
  • Approximately 20% less average cost per unit
  • Category leadership
  • Lifetime warranty


  1. Handi-shims are manufactured to exacting tolerances in four color-coded thicknesses:
  2. Handi-Shims do not rot. They are reusable and virtually indestructible. They can be used on job after job after job.
  3. Handi-Shims are manufactured in attached couples for deep applications but are each scored to snap into as many as three smaller spacers (six per couple), making them extremely economical.
  4. Handi-Shims are compression-resistant and thus ideal for long-term stability and for spacing wall tiles to any height.
  5. Handi-Shims measure 1¾” square individually and 1¾ x 3½” coupled.
  6. Handi-Shims are available in bulk or in retail-ready packs containing 40 or 100 shims (all of one size or as an equal assortment of all four sizes).
  7. Handi-Shims are manufactured of non-toxic polypropylene (plastic) and selected colorants.
  8. Handi-Shims are patented and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


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