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Look who's selling Handi-Shims...

  • Cole Hardware - California
  • Big Tool Store - Derby, KS
  • Parkrose Hardware - Portland, OR
  • Big Bear Tool Inc. - N. Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Dinuba Lumber Co. - Dinuba CA
  • Metropolitan Lumber - New York, NY
  • True Value - Kent, CT
  • True Value - Danbury, CT
  • Ridgefield Supply - Ridgefield, CT
  • Ace Hardware - Brookfield, CT

Look who's using Handi-Shims...

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  • River Ridge Hardwood
  • Metal Art
  • SE Thayer Co.
  • Miller Brothers Renovations
  • D. Stratton Home Improvement
  • K. A. Clason - Fine Woodworking
  • Associated Materials
  • Twin peaks Development, LLC
  • Serving Army, LLC
  • McCormack Classic Construction, LLC
  • Irons Brothers Construction, Inc.
  • Dennis Johnson Contracting
  • PH Robison
  • Gardner Construction
  • Hudson Dental
  • 4 Rivers Contractors, Inc.
  • Stone Technologies
  • Wray Enterprises, LLC
  • Miller Brothers Renovations, LLC
  • Residential Restoration
  • LA Carpentry, LLC
  • Cornerstone Builders
  • Amass Woodworking
  • Parker Roofing
  • Arbitrio and Sons


  • Andrzej Lukowski
  • Dariusz Rosowicz
  • Steve Palmer
  • George Cha
  • Chris Jenkins
  • Clement and Danville Prawl



  • Russ Abbots

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Handi-Shim voted one of JLCOnline's
Innovative Products for 2007!


"I have attached a photo of Bob on our latest job site, a kitchen remodel in Fairfield. We use your shims for all of our cabinet work. I also love to use them for tile work. They are so much easier to use then standard tile spacers. As you can see, we have all of your colors!!"
—Marie Chaisson
BOMAC Home Services LLC

"The Handi-Shims are great. I have found them most useful when fixing or replacing doors, but not replacing the old casing. They work really well to give me the reveal I want, they have also come in handi when I have replaced hinges on old houses, many of the older style hinges were thicker then the new ones, I just shim it out and it works great. You've got two thumbs up from me, I will definitely be ordering more."
—Aaron Wray
Wray Enterprises, LLC

"I have used Handi-Shims for a couple of things, but they were particularly useful in doing ceramic tile installations. I've had a couple of situations where I wanted the tiles on the wall to run level, but the counter or floor was not level. The Handi-Shims allowed me to easily level them out and support the tiles while the mortar set up. I just can't seem to keep enough of them in stock because my buddies and staff steal them!"
—Brad Miller, Partner/General Construction Mgr
Miller Brothers Renovations, LLC

"One of my men said 'What am I going to do with these?' Well I now see them all over the job site and he admits to their great usefulness...Probably the best time and money saving purchase this year!"
—Tim Haymon, CEO
Timberline Structures

"Your Handi-Shim's were great, I bought a package of each size and used them to install 2X6 deck boards. I carried some of each in my apron and used them at each end of the board and where needed along the board. I used mostly 1/4" shims until I got to the last couple of boards, then used the other sizes to make fit. I bought 3 bags and had enough even when I dropped a couple through the deck. The price was right and I highly recommend Handi-Shim to anyone."
—Jack Borsch

"It's a really good product, so you sure crow about them! I have only used the blue shims. I installed a tile hearth on our new fireplace at the family cabin in the Shawnee National Forest and they worked very well. My son actually installed the shims as I installed the tile. I like the product as it is uniform, easy to clean, about the right size to fit in my hands well and it's good looking, not that that helps its function, but looking good isn't all bad. See what Apple has done with that philosophy! Good luck. I'd be happy to recommend your product."
—Joe Bates, Small Contractor

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